McDonald’s. Still No. 1

I’m constantly amazed by the level of service McDonald’s provides. This morning, I ordered breakfast online and when the delivery guy came, I failed to check the order properly and didn’t see that an egg mcmuffin was missing till 10 minutes later when I wanted to take my order out from the bag. So I called up McDonald’s and told them about the missing mcmuffin and the lady checked everything promptly and called me back to tell me that they will be delivering my mcmuffin to me shortly. no accusations that i DID receive and was lying (to get another free mcmuffin), no fingers pointing, no nothing.

if only burger king does deliveries… sis and i would so be their VIP customers cos we just love their breakfasts!!!

p/s: i really didn’t receive the egg mcmuffin ok… it wasn’t that i was trying to 骗吃!!


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