randomness at its best

1) i was STILL complaining to IT guy that i need a cheap cobbler (thanks bestie, but no, i don’t think i’ll go there to repair my shoes.) and he asked what’s wrong with my shoes. told him the story of the gaping sole, and he bought the contact cement glue for me the next day. yay! now my favourite red billy shoes are completely wearable!

2) finally satisfied my craving for tai hwa BCM. that is total love. extra vinegar, extra chilli, just the way missy & i love it.oh, and i didn’t wait for long cos i went at nearly 4pm. just a mere 10 minutes wait. maybe i shall do it again this friday.

3) super craving for caesar salad these days in a lame attempt to be healthy and stop gaining weight. i’ve been eating way too much mcdonald’s already. maybe i shld go to coffee bean tomorrow and have a salad for lunch. ok, i shall make it a ‘find the best caesar salad in singapore’ hunt. so far, i like the one at coffee bean & pasta fresca.


One thought on “randomness at its best

  1. kris says:

    Orange has been complainting that u consumed too much of the salad… not becos of the leaves.. but the cheessseeeeee!!!
    Naughty u!


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