Come on down to the partayyyy

before i start, can i just say the new layout of wordpress is AWESOME? totally love the vertical layouts – it’s just so much easier to view things in one glance, isn’t it? – and the silver. i love silver. makes it look very clean, shiny and futuristic.

ok, back to the topic. sis and i are planning a xmas bbq for those whom we’re close with, so rsvp with either one of us (if you know us both) and make your way down to our place on Xmas day itself! address will not be provided for guests because if we know you, i’m sure you know the way. or else, it just means you aren’t really invited. ok

we’re inviting our relatives over, but if you’re a male friend reading this (& wants to join in the fun), don’t worry cos my darling colleagues will be coming as well (er… hopefully because they always have last minute changes). and, my darling colleagues are all males, so this is NOT a match-making session, yea?

i don’t think you’re reading this anymore because you aren’t here. but i really miss you. everyone thought i’m alright now but what they don’t know is my heart still bleeds at the thought of you. i think i’d do anything just to see you again…. even if it’s for a split second … yea, i think i’d really do anything.


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