i was ploughing through the many (missed) entries of beverly’s blog now that i’ve finally been added as a friend and chanced upon her friends’ blogs as well. reading the many entries for the past 2 hours made me wanna go back to australia immediately!!!

i’m making it personal to save my bonus for a mid-year trip next year! MUST!!!!

*beverly’s this sweet girl whose makeup reviews are DA BOMB at makeupalley. i don’t know her personally but her many splurges (christian louboutin shoes, chanel, prada bags… and ALANNAH HILL clothes!!!!) make me drool.


why oh why does PA have to be so ridiculously expensive for sleepwear???

look how this dress is so meeeeee… but it’s AU$90! crazy!

i live by their sleepwear… apart from my holey old tees


One thought on “MUST SAVE!

  1. Everytime I go into Peter Alexander (assuming that’s what you meant by PA ;)), I’m always so tempted to buy their nighties. But their high prices always have me leaving the shops in disappointment.

    PS: How about sharing this lovely Beverly’s blog address? 😛


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