I dig theseeeeeeee


Ok, I think I should reallllly stop reading Bev‘s blog and all other Aussie bloggers (Jody & Tine) IMMEDIATELY! I’m missing Australia so badly, I have this crazy urge to take urgent leave (& clearing out my leave) and go to Australia now. Shop till I drop! And it’s pretty enticing with the current exchange rate (sheesh, I’m so excited about this crazy plan that I keep on having typo errors). Hmmm…

I can’t stop window shopping… and if this goes out of hand, I think I might just cave in and type those credit card numbers!

Ladakh goddess dress (Ladakh’s my favourite brand, apart from One Teaspoon!) – only AU$79!


Junk Ruffle tunic dress – only AU$20! What a STEAL!!


Alannah Hill crystal bow purse – it’s a little damaged (one missing diamonte) but only AU$1 (excluding postage)


Ladakh romance dress – AU$69

Ladakh daydreamer dress – AU$39

Ladakh white lies cami – AU$39

Ladakh weekend dress – AU$99

Forcast ruffle top – AU$39

I’m going gaga-crazy over the clothes at Freez that I’m not going to name the following anymore. It’s just too many!

Anyone wants to spree for clothings at Freez Clothing? Shipping rates are absolutely affordable!

Picture credits: Ebay.com.au (for the AH purse), Freez Clothing for others!

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