dadi’s indian food

Credits to Aslam


it took me a while to write about this – not sure why, but i have an inkling it’s probably due to a short-term memory. ANYWAY, dadi’s is located just a couple of shopfronts away from the niqqi’s cheese prata shop, just outside NUS.

it’s a pretty small place, i guess their main business comes from catering and home delivery. their food is pretty good and fresh! cheap, i wouldn’t say so, but most north indian food places aren’t cheap anyway.

we’ve ordered from them a couple of times when the family was at nearby varsity park doing some stuff. it took about 15-20 minutes for our order (on average, 4 dishes + naan) to be ready, and the food is always piping hot, so it must be the chef preparing our dishes to order.

on both occasions, we had naans and butter chicken which was actually a favourite, but was later on replaced by chicken tikka masala. their palak paneer was pretty good too, with the cottage cheese reminding me of haloumi cheese. i had to fight with my inner voice, not to eat the cheese (dairy products give me rashes :(). their aloo brinjal was a tad on the salty side though, so you definitely had to eat it with rice.

one thing about north indian dishes is that the servings may look small, but don’t be deceived by the sizes. they are extremely filling as the gravies are very rich and creamy. so go easy on the ordering k?

now go enjoy. =)


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