Your Xmas wishlist

Xmas is just a couple of weeks away, I’m sure you people have already drawn up your own wishlist right? Anything new and exciting on your list? I’m still the same boring me… I’d like to think I’m more practical. Hee hee!

1 year supply of these:

But a little on the non-practical side, I’m digging pink blushes lately.

And what better way to keep your brushes clean and in shape? The Brush Guard! I’ve read about these on Tine’s blog and trust me, I’m so lemming for these too!!

Oh, and Sis and I were fooling around at the new L’oreal makeup counters over at FairPrice Xtra last night (the new one at Jurong Point that opens 24 hours!), and I tested this lipgloss in red. It’s pretty strong and nice, and gives me a fresh, updated look.

Now on to my favourite past-time *when I was in Perth*- cooking & baking! What better way to sweeten up than to bake??

I’m so going to get one of these built-in ovens when I have my own place in future. I used the oven quite a bit when I was in Perth… it’s so easy and hassle-free! I could have a meal & dessert cooking at the same time!

The reason why I want a built-in one is because it saves space, and it’s of a standard baking size. Those tabletop ovens are often far too small and my precious baking pans are too big for them.


One thought on “Your Xmas wishlist

  1. Go get the brush guards! :p

    Oh and I want Loreal Blush Delice too. They’re really expensive here, so I’m just waiting to go back to M’sia to get ’em 🙂


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