Xmas Parties

the party tonight was scaled down to a really small one cos we already had a wild night over at Ann’s yesterday. it was pure unadulterated fun with the boys – i’m beginning to suspect i have 2 ang moh nephews, judging from their slang. it’s just so funny listening to them speak. imagine a 5 year old telling you “how are you doing with that?”, “it’s so tough!”, “don’t obstruct me!”. i spent most of my time playing with the boys. oh well, hardly see them so i have to!!

the cheeky young one was playing in the toilet (of all places) and then grabbed me on my legs and refused to let go. -_-”


and then jarrod wanted me to take funny faces photos of him. meet australia’s next top male model contestant 2023.

joel & ann’s party had some really good food; i was over-eating! they had fresh salmon & tuna sashimi, DIY salad, crackers and dips, fried noodles (yums!), baked ham, turkey, satay, shephard’s pie (double yums!), chicken pie, absolutely mouthwatering chocolate truffle log cake from delifrance and ice creams!

anyway, on to today. we only invited aunt & uncle, and one of mum’s friend but prep work started early at 11am, with me baking the devil’s food cake. sadly, it was quite a failure because i couldn’t get the cake to come out of the pan nicely. the bottom was stuck to the pan, so i ended up making a trifle with it. i also made crab & prawn salad to balance out all the meat involved in tonight’s bbq.

sis made sushi which was absolutely yummilicious! and also bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms – that was an absolute hit. she also marinated fresh prawns in hua diao cooking wine.

when the cooking started, we asked our korean neighbours to join us, and boy did it look like a real party then! there was about 15 of us getting food at the same time. pretty scary now i think about it. sis and i were kinda taken aback at how they devour the food, and were worried that we won’t have enough food to go around. luckily auntie (korean neighbour) brought out some food they had – kimchi, marinated pork and streaky pork (wu hua rou). the wu hua rou was really good! very crispy, my favourite of the night! the koreans can really bbq well, so now we know who to invite if we want some good bbq! haha.

cleanup was quick too cos of the korean army we had. everyone helped in cleaning up and washing the corridor (we stay in a point block, so we have a big corridor).

funny thing was that the common language between korean auntie and my dad & uncle was not english, but MALAY. yea. the korean family stayed in indonesia for some time before they came to singapore, so auntie could speak bahasa indonesia which was pretty similar to bahasa melayu.

hope you guys had a merry christmas, just like me! happy holidays!

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