Sunday Cooking School

our pantry and freezer is stuffed up to the brim after weeks of grocery shopping (i blame it on the 24hrs FP Xtra at Jurong Pt), so today was a day to use up some of the foodstuffs we bought.

i made blueberry muffins (Jiffy brand box mix) in the afternoon and cooked dinner at night. i was pretty chuffed to use my new baking molds (silicon cups that i had bought at daiso. the exact molds were being sold on ebay for almost 5x the price!).

i had bears, hearts, butterflies, PENGUINS, and the mandatory cupcakes. they were really cute cos muffins tend to rise during baking, and i ended up having penguins with fat tummies!


Then for dinner, we had panfried salmon with white sauce & chopped vegetables, grilled portobello mushrooms (has got to be our favourite! so healthy and delicious) and again, bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms.

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