30th, 31st…. 1st!

Damn. It’s 2 more days to the new year and I realised that I’ve got stuff yet to be done before 2009!

Time flies the most when you least want it to happen. Just 7 months ago, I was hoping for time to fast-forward, preferably to 2010. Time heals, they all say. But looking back now, though it still hurts *very much, I think 2008 was a pretty good year for me, and I wish 2008 wouldn’t end.

I graduated (ok, so that was 2007, but who’s keeping track?!), I got myself a job in a great company, loved and probably got loved in return for a teeny while, ended up getting my heart terribly broken, found great friends in my colleagues and boss, met my sister’s boyfriend and spent a smashing 2 months with him, attended the most number of funerals in a year (and THAT is something I do NOT & will NOT miss this year!!) and…. er, I think that’s it. Yeah, my 2008 life was mainly about work and more work.

But you should know. I’m pretty much a boring person, and work was the only thing that kept me sane during the tough times. In fact, when my mind go wandering these days, work is what I do to flush out those unhealthy thoughts.

No NY resolutions because I simply suck at keeping them. But to borrow Justin‘s MSN message: laugh often, love much, people.

Till next year,

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