The art of giving

You know, I’ve always thought that giving presents is a chore. Still firmly believe so. I mean, it’s not that bad if I’m giving a present to someone like my sister, or a close friend who share very similar tastes with me, or someone whom I know needs/wants that particular said gift very much. But for those people who aren’t that close to me? Le sigh. I would rather give a gift voucher, or treat them to a meal.

The main reason why I’m writing this is because I was just at this particular thread in Vogue AU forum, and thought of what my dear colleagues gave me for my birthday this year. I’m pretty sure it was my female colleague who initiated and roped in the guys for the present. I wasn’t expecting a gift from them because I don’t really believe in birthday gifts (I know I’m weird in that way), and basically, it just makes it awkward if I don’t give something back to them on their birthdays.

Anyway, they got me a big plush toy which I liked, but not really necessary to have because it’s just too big and I don’t have any where to place it, and also a slogan tee which *sorry!!!* was just plain tacky IMHO. I think I would have liked the presents if it was a few years back, when I was in poly. But at 23 years of age, slogan tees (from the brand I actually dislike, to add on!) and plush toys aren’t really my thing.

I didn’t have much of an reaction when I was gifted them (actually, I was much in shock), and I could see that my female colleague was disappointed (the guys were busy and frankly, couldn’t be bothered, I think) with my lack of reaction. She was more excited than I was.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like this female colleague of mine. We’re pretty good friends at work, but as much as we’re similar, we are also very different in dress style and mentality. She’s much of a gyspy type of girl, mix-matching super random pieces of clothing together, super not a girly girl. No heels, no short skirts for her ever. Whereas I’m into plain girly Jane, with the occasional print – that I will have to pick out by myself. I’m more into Western fashion style, than Taiwan/China style. *small confession: I seriously detest her new hairstyle because it’s black, and permed. Kinda reminds me of a black poodle. Don’t know why she wouldn’t get it lightened or some highlights in there – would be so much nicer and younger looking!*

As I’ve said many times before, I would rather people give me gift vouchers than to buy a physical gift for me because I’m picky and I would think they would rather me to have something useful than a white elephant. No? What do you think? How would you react/say if you got a present that you don’t really like that much?

4 thoughts on “The art of giving

  1. p.sawyer says:

    not ranting or hinting abt the lack of vouchers, but just saying.

    don’t you think it’s much easier to get something the recipient NEEDS rather than something random and will end up in some corner of the house gathering dust?

    and that’s what wishlists are for… isn’t it?


  2. p.sawyer says:

    now THAT’s one choice… i’ve thought abt it too… but it’s just the awkwardness if the gift giver asks u abt it some time later… i’ve already experienced it from her once. had to come up with some crap excuse and change topic. SIGHHHHH


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