“eternal” love

the hype built around the movie was unmistakable. it’s definitely going to be a hit this holiday season (though it’s not a traditional holiday movie).

i almost forgot that i had to work the next morning. i almost forgot i had to breathe, sleep and eat. i finished my new book in record time – 6 hours.

i’m talking about twilight. that’s my new book. i got it cheap on a book exchange community on livejournal. only$22 for this book (brand new) & also cecilia ahern’s thanks for the memories.

one thing about me is that i always try to place myself in the shoes of the leading female character. that way, i get to experience all the emotions, heart-wrenching, thought-provoking emotions that the character is going through. that way, i get to fully appreciate the book.

and it’s just so… …. i don’t know, but i just cannot seem to put the book down. even when i was sleeping last night, my mind was very active and wanted to wake up asap to finish the book.

the male character is also so beautifully crafted that if vampires really exist, i wouldn’t mind meeting one and befriending him/her. LOL at my own silly thought.

i’m pretty obsessed with the series now, just like how i was obsessed with lucky santangelo and her family a few months back. now off to check if i could still get tickets for the movie tonight! have fun and a happy new year people.

if anyone wants to borrow it, i can lend it to them for a fee (works something like how SAN bookshop works – you pay the full price i set, then upon return, i refund you part of the amount you paid. the balance will be the ‘fee’. eg full price $15. refund upon return $12. the fee for renting my book = $3).

sorry but i have to charge cos this book is going to be part of my collection and i cannot afford to have anyone ruin/damage the book.


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