Twilight mania

ok, so where was i? oh yeah, about twilight. now i do see why millions of fans worldwide go crazy at each sequel’s book launch, why they have been waiting so long for the movie to be released. i’ve never done this – read a book and watch the movie adaptation. you know how it is, the book is ALWAYS better than the movie. but of course! the movie’s a reduced, condensed 2 hour version of the book, but still, i think the movie fleshes out the characters really well and make them come to life even more. look at how gorgeous the cast is!

Alice‘s my favourite character of all, besides Edward, Bella & Carlisle. She’s like so spunky and infectious!

ashley-greene Here’s Ashley Greene (Alice)

And here’s the 2 main leads: Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson. Ok, the main reason why I chose this picture is that I love Kristen’s shades. LOL

sis and i are now officially bitten by the twilight bug, so much so that we’re planning to watch the movie again a second time (i definitely did NOT appreciate my dear sis bugging me in the dark room, asking me for spoilers. sheesh). and we’ve placed an order on for the special collector’s hardcover boxset of the 4 books (twilight, new moon, eclipse & breaking dawn). it’s sold out like everywhere on planet earth and the publisher has to do reprints. even though we ordered online, we still have to wait till early feb before we can lay our hands on it.

now, obviously it will be a long wait for us… 1 month without the cullens is just too long to bear. so luckily i had a colleague who’s also obsessed with twilight, and she’s going to lend me the next 2 instalments!

i guess this is one major problem with me – everytime i love something, i just fall 100% head over heels in love with it, him, them. since watching the movie, i’ve done nothing but search for twilight news and stuff and even music! *even as i’m typing this entry, i’m listening to bella’s lullaby on itunes. oh, and i’ve made some cuts from bella’s lullaby to suit as my mobile’s ringing & message tone.

how obsessed are you? tell me! =)


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