and so i was gone

it shouldn’t shock you or amaze you anymore. really. not the first time i’ve been MIA, and definitely not the last.

there’s a new girl in the office, seems like a go-getter on first look. but then again, that’s just a preliminary outtake. i found it funny that she mentioned to the other colleague that i seem kinda fierce.

i haven’t heard that in a while. i think i’m just adverse to having too many people around me. fierce is good. hostile is good too. i prefer to just get my job over and done with. too friendly, and you may just miss the point.

i’m still around, doing you know… twilighting. reading the books at lightning fast speed, being obsessed with the characters and cast. i’m now done with books 1, 2 & 4. waiting for 3 before i re-read the whole saga again.

at the split second it happened, almost half my life flew by me, and almost my entire bonus just went out the window.

the lunar new year’s coming up… so stay safe aite?

new year, new plans. many new plans alright.


how does this look?

i know. i’m salivating too. but i think i need to save up, and go for more yoga.


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