The world’s best artist

I was looking through my folders when I saw this picture I took. Brought on lots of great memories. Of the days in Perth, when I was a freshman. Really miss those days.

In hostel, each of us had a whiteboard thingy on our doors so people could leave messages for us. Some of us would decorate it, some would leave it stark white. I asked Neer to draw something for me, and this is what he did. I took a picture of it when I switched rooms (we got to choose which rooms we wanted after our 1st semester there). Glad I did cos I moved out of hostel shortly and hardly talk to him anymore.

PS: the sentence above the coconut tree “i like ang mo butts” was a vandalism act by Iris Long. Though we don’t talk anymore (she’s a backstabber and tried to create rifts between E’an and me), but it was fun knowing her.


I’m really excited about March!!! Going to hang out loads with the Chanders, Darren and Neer (hopefully, if he’s free). Sportsgirl, Dotti, Myer, David Jones, Ladakh, Witchery, One Teaspoon, Alannah Hill, Ciao Italia, UWA, Swan River, here I come!!!


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