short updates from Perth

2nd day here and it’s slightly more relaxed now. yesterday was a whirl cos we were scuttling between the boys’ schools, hospital and home. i’ve got tons to update – my shopping trip started early at the airport!- and so many pictures taken but those will have to come later cos i don’t want to screw up @nn’s internet connection.

unlike singapore, there are no unlimited (download) plans here. instead, you’ll enjoy high speed for a certain amount of GB downloads (depending on your plan). if you exceed the ‘given’ data amount, your speed will be reduced till the next billing cycle. ok, i’m bad at describing, but you get the drift, don’t you?

i’m having a great time with the boys here (let’s not forget their parents too!). they are extremely cute and funny. lots of antics and tricks up their tiny sleeves. the new baby’s absolutely a girly girl, no doubts about that cos she’s dainty and she sleeps girly too. let’s hope her brothers don’t influence her with their roughness when she gets older.

the weather’s a little bonkers, but not so much like melbourne *oops*.

aite, gotta go now!

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