Perth Trip Updates 1

Shoot! I thought of editing and updating my post when somehow, I managed to delete half of what I have originally posted. Oh well… here we go again!

I bought a new Braun Buffel wallet & a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses at the airport even before we boarded the plane. I can’t imagine what else I’d buy when I’m officially on holiday! Wallet was ~S$130 while sunnies were ~S$290. Both were duty-free, so that’s probably my only consolation for the amount I’ve spent pre-holiday. *Pardon the cutesy bolster background – it belongs to my boyfriend, so I don’t care what you say. Hmph!


Our flight was a night one (taking off at 7pm, arriving at 2am) and I was still working that day, so I thought I would be snoring away on the flight. But the food (oh, I always look forward to flight meals, for some weird reason) and the entertainment kept me awake. Food was bad – one of the rare inedible SQ meals, but entertainment… boy oh boy… how could I ever resist Edward Cullen? Yup, my fourth time watching Twilight and still as good!


Let me introduce both my boyfriends to you…


Though I was in Perth for a good 2 years, I’ve never parked illegally SG-style (ie, anywhere, on the kerb, walkway etc). But Jo… apparently has adapted very well!


A quick peek at the boy’s school… looks fun!


We also visited Garden City, my ‘favourite-test’ shopping place in Perth because they have almost all the shops I like under one roof! Plus FREE parking! I didn’t buy much though cos I still have lots to bring back from the Chanders’.


The main reason why we went over:

While we were there, we also took a look at the new place. Backyard’s huge! Please grow some veggies when the place is completed!


I spent a good part of Saturday hanging out with Darren. Met up really early, like 845am! Somehow, mornings aren’t that dreadful in Perth, even when I was there as a student. Went back to uni to look at the new Business building and also to East Perth just to look at the beautiful architecture. There’s something about the buildings there that I could never get enough of!


For most part of the holiday, I was either playing with the boys, or watching TV – think Ben10, Bakugan, Bones. Good shows, good shows. I was hooked onto Ben10!!!

We also rented a car while we were there to help us get around during the day. Good thing we did, because on the day we wanted to rent a car, we missed the only bus to bring us to the train station and had to walk 30mins (the next bus comes in an hour’s time!). The train ticket was A$5.10, expensive but that’s probably the usual pricing. Rented a car from M2000 cos Bayswater were out of cars. Can you believe that?! Got a Nissan tiida so that’s something new because we always get Toyota Corollas from Bayswater and that gets a little boring after some time.

Again, look at how cute they are!!!


4 thoughts on “Perth Trip Updates 1

    • p.sawyer says:

      Haha… I took so many pictures of the same subjects (my nephews and niece and random pictures of buildings! Oh, and food!)… will probably sort out over the weekend.

      And Part 2 coming up soon! 😉


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