Post-trip thoughts

Back in Singers for 14 hours now and I’m totally bored, like I’m lost in life? After a short trip to Perth, I am more than certain that this is not what I want as my career. I don’t feel excited about work, don’t feel happy. In fact, I was DREADING to go back to work. I’m already counting down to knock off time today.

No updates about Perth trip now cos the DSC’s with mum in Perth, so updates’ gotta wait.



2 thoughts on “Post-trip thoughts

  1. p.sawyer says:

    COME BACK! Better start your course soon lah!

    PS. My mom tried your cheesecake today and thinks it’s really good…. that says a lot! 😀


  2. p.sawyer says:

    I would love to go back, and hopefully stay there for good. But have to calculate to see if I have the moolah to do so immediately (which I don’t think so). And I have to complete my braces treatment first. Dang!!


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