TV affairs

Everytime I go to @nn’s place, I’m bound to get hooked on a new TV show. The last time was Without a Trace. Sadly, that ‘affair’ stopped when I returned to SG because WAT wasn’t that popular here and I couldn’t find the latest season on TV or get the latest DVD release.


This time, it is Bones (I know, the show has been out for AGES) & Lie to Me. I was still watching Bones DVD Season 3 minutes before I left for the airport. I was THAT hooked. So, needless to say, I was searching for it at the rentals. Luckily, the shop nearby had Season 1 & 2, so I rented the first season. The rental period was much longer than that in Australia (a usual 3-5 days, the most a week). Over here, the rental period for the box set is 12 days!! But of course, I won’t take that long to finish watching the 6 discs.


I don’t think Lie to Me is available here but probably online streaming or Amazon will have something.


OT, but my braces treatment could be completed by end of the year or probably early next. EXCITING!


2 thoughts on “TV affairs

  1. Tine says:

    I’m a massive fan of Bones. I’ve been following the series very closely, thanks to the wonders of Internet, err, capabilities 😛

    Do check out Lie To Me as well. It’s promising to be quite a good show.


    • p.sawyer says:

      is LTM available online? we don’t have the DVDs here… tsk.

      so much to watch, so little time! (I’m also hooked to One Tree Hill, Nip/Tuck and CSI!)


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