Perth Trip Updates 2

This entry is focusing solely on the FOODDDDD…

We attempted to make Japanese cheesecake during the week I was there, and I *think* I might have perfected the recipe!

I’ve always been interested to know how hospital food look and taste like… ok… I don’t think I want to taste it now…

Breakfast with Darren at Globe Cafe, Mt Lawley. As usual, it was fantastic: creamy scrambled eggs with fluffy toast.


Lunch with him was Sumo Salad at a shopping centre near home. The salad was so gooooood! Also had my favourite Boost juice (there’s actually a Boost juice in SG, VivoCity, but there’s hardly anyone there…) – actually that was my 2nd Boost in a day… my favourite 2&5 veggie fruit juice!


When Ann came back from the hospital, she made us adults baked rice. I have to say, it was de-li-cious!

Obviously, I had a lot more other food than what I’ve posted but no pictures. Jo did a roast and it was really good! One of the mums of Jarrod’s friends at school made us some lovely cupcakes (thanks so much!), while another friend of @nn made a lovely pasta bake. We also had my favourite Ciao Italia (though it wasn’t that nice anymore cos we were late in picking up the takeout, and we had a 30min drive before we reached home to enjoy the food). Dim Sum at a new Chinese restaurant – but that was forgettable. And lots of home cooked food!


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