Gah! I can never understand why does it take so long for our US counterparts to get back to us.

As with my new job scope, I’ll need to register all our products with the HSA since they’re considered as cosmetic products (they actually have already been registered, but then there’s a change in importer and thus the need to re-register all over again). It actually is a very simple process, taking only a max of 5 minutes to fill up the form for each product, max of 2 days for us to receive the notification letter from HSA.

However, I’m starting early (I have till August to do so) cos I need the formula sheets and ingredient lists for all the products in order for me to register successfully and the US team is just so slow!!! Taking almost 1 month to reply to a simple request from our distributor. This is what my *new* manager and I do not understand. They should have the copies of what we need on hand!

*chants OMMMMMMMMMM to stay calm*


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