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Never too old for anything?

Sis has been learning German lately on her own (using the German for Dummies CD, no less), so it struck me that maybe I should take up something as well. Now that I’m working and have more disposable income, I am in a better position to “enhance and enrich” myself. I’m pretty interested to take up dance classes and/or guitar lessons. A colleague is currently taking Hip Hop classes and she asked me to join her, but I’m still undecided about it. Just pure lazy bones. As for guitar lessons, I do want to learn (I like music after all, though I’m kinda tone deaf. Haha) but I don’t know where to start! Any good reputable schools?

Wii Weeeee

A very backdated post!! Sis and I always liked playing games but we hardly have the time to play, so we were actually contemplating buying a set of Wii for the longest time ever. You know how it is… feeling the pinch when you pay close to $700 for a game set but you hardly have time to fully utilize it. Anyway, so when one of her friends told us that we can ‘rent’ Wii for a fee at one of the game arcades in town, we went for it. If we were going to shell out good money for it, we better make sure that we truly enjoy the games and will continue playing it for many days/months after.

We played Guitar Hero on my insistence and I thought it was lots fun! However, if we were to buy the set, it’s gotta be much more than Guitar Hero cos that can’t be the only game we’re playing. I think it’s time for another trip down to the arcade…



IT-Guy just came back from Taiwan not long ago, and he passed me these 2 pieces of masks in the morning when he picked me up for work. I was pretty psyched to see the pink one – a new variant- that I kept talking about it, even went to CozyCot to check up on it during work. I’m going to use it later!! Cannot wait!

Picture 001

I just came back after work and sis told me there’s a package for me. Yippee! I ordered the 张芸京 CD with my recent order, so I was really excited. Ripped my parcel apart and boy was I happy as a lark… (actually, what’s a lark?? Where did the phrase come from?)

Picture 002

Picture 003

Still smiling until I saw this…

Picture 004

While I was glad that the CD was ok, I am one who likes to keep things in their original packaging and CD is one of those things which I MUST have the original cover… I think I’ll just stalk HMV a while longer and get another one when it arrives in SG.

breakfast @ millenia walk

it’s no wonder why i’m gaining weight these days. i’ve been eating so much, giving in to temptation. for example, i had a heavy breakfast this morning, ordering a meal/dish of bubble & squeak that comes with a cup of tea, then getting a slice of carrot walnut cake after finishing my bubble and squeak.

yum yum yum!

Oh man…


The transition period between my 2 job titles is starting to put some stress on me. I have to juggle both jobs now at the same time, and I often find myself forgetting this and that. Not good at all. And one of my customers is trying to play punk with me. Just hope to solve all the problems before I hand over. Oh, and also go on that gourmet feast trip with my brothers as well!

I haven’t got the time to slack around recently, don’t even have time to twitter updates. In fact, not much time to read Yahoo! News too.


I have been good with my money recently (haven’t been spending much) so decided to give myself a treat and bought some clothes from Mango yesterday – a pair of work pants & a silky dress.

Because I’m such a 宅女, colleagues and family often wondered what I do over the weekend, and if I actually even have friends! Hahaha… I remember a funny conversation:

telling Y where I went for dinner one night with a friend
Y: which friend?
Me: tell you for what? You know my friends meh?
Y: I think I’d have a rough idea. You only have that few friends you go out with – more or less the same people all the time.
Me: =.=” But quite true leh…

My sister even asked me last weekend why do I keep staying at home and not go out. Quite frankly, I really don’t know. She says my best friend is not Joyce or Christine, not even Y, but rather, it’s Fujitsu-san. That’s the brand of my laptop, by the way. Yes, I spend so much time with my laptop that it has become my best friend.

Then when I was playing my game, she said I’m quite like my 2nd cousin – to which I said “then go discuss about weird, quiet sisters who like to stay home with @nn. Both of you are the eldest in the family, I’m quite sure she’ll identify with you”! And I turned back to continue playing my game. I think she gave up on me after that.


My May order of masks is coming in soon, and in it, there’s my 张芸京 CD!!! Woo yeah! I’m still quite sad that CF gave me the wrong return date for ITGuy, and so ITGuy didn’t manage to help me buy the CD when he was in Taiwan earlier this month for a holiday.

What a weird dream

I meant to write this during the day, but then I was caught up in a whirlwind of unexpected breakfast bonding, then the mandatory after-breakfast-coffee-making, then the usual Internet-surfing, then email replying…. etc etc. You get the drift right? So, I was saying, I had a weird dream last night. And this is truly weird in my book of weird dreams I ever had (I once dreamt that the Caldecott queens were my upstairs neighbours and they’d fight nonstop about who’s the true Queen – yes please, ignore me).

The dream was that my boss wanted to employ back an ex-colleague (the one who cheated me of my feelings, no less), but HR had decided to freeze our headcount. So, in order to employ him, he had decided to transfer me to the marketing department, so that there would be an unfilled position in sales. Not because my boss thought I was capable enough to do the role of a marketing personnel. Not because my boss knew how much I wanted to do marketing, and he decided to do what’s best for me. I was terribly hurt *in my dream* that the fatherly figure whom I respected and loved so much would do such a thing. Till this very moment, I still shudder at the thought should it be true. Of course, I know it’s not true, but still.

But I guess the main point of my dream last night, besides the weirdy thing of wanting to employ that guy again, was that I ‘saw’ him and I didn’t feel a strange tug at my heart! In fact, I remember thinking in my dream “why didn’t I feel the familiar sense of heart-wrenching pain”. Whatever the reason is, I believe it signifies something good.

I think I’m better off to bed now. Better dreaming about 张芸京 than heartless people. Yes, I’m still obsessed about the girl who looks like a guy with a voice that is so charming to me. She better not come to Singapore or I may just start my groupie antics again.

08 May

Dinner last night was pretty good. It doesn’t take much to know why she and I are such good friends – we share the same frequency. I can just tell her the situation and she knows what my reaction will be. Everytime I meet her, I just have to update her on what’s happening in the office. It cracks her up because we just cannot believe that such people exist.

I also bought $25 worth of bread from Provence – yes, that’s a hell lot of bread! The usual suspect is their cream wassant (much prefer that to the chocolate one), but I also tried the milk bun after reading reviews from Indeed, it was very good – soft bread with creamy milk custard inside.

Y was saying that I’m getting obsessed with ZYJ when I told her I went to download a program that allows me to record music from Youtube videos. I think so too… but her voice is just really good and touches me. I don’t think one has to have a voice like Zhang Hui Mei to be considered a good singer. As long as the song is sufficiently expressed, and I can feel her feelings, that’s good enough for me. Or maybe I’m just not picky with my singers. Haha.