Camera phones

One of the important factors to me, when choosing a new mobile phone, is the quality of the photos the camera renders. Of course, the higher the mega-pixel the better. But sometimes, across the various brands of phones, sometimes (I don’t know how and why), a lower mega-pixel camera can produce photos as good, if not better, a higher mega-pixel one.



I am now contemplating to get a new phone with physical keypads (oh, the bane of not being able to type out a text message swiftly while at the wheel! *shhh, don’t tell the traffic police that!*) but except for that detail, my LG Viewty is perfect for me. Love the camera feature.

Was thinking of the Nokia E66 which my lovely colleague *puke puke* is using currently but it only has a 3.2 MP camera! I do need a good camera phone for work as I sometimes need to take pictures discreetly.

Comparing the 2 pictures above, the Nokia seems to be the winner. Though it fails to capture the details of that ugly ornament I have in my home (truth be told, I hate it but grandma refuses to allow us to recycle it or put it away because a relative made it. And sadly, many more areas of my house are ‘adorned’ by these uglies. Blergh) but the details in the background are perfectly sharp. It doesn’t have a macro function so that’s probably why. On the other hand, the Viewty pic seems to be a little sharper for the ornament but the background… bleh.

Can anyone throw up any suggestions for phones with physical keypads and a good camera? I’m at a loss!


One thought on “Camera phones

  1. Hmm actually I wanted to get Sony Ericsson C905, it’s 8MP (i like good camera also, my E71 is slowly killing me with its incapability to take good pictures. Everything comes out blue ok. Tamade.)

    It has physical keypads, but I think the downside is that it looks rather bulky. :S

    There’s this Samsung 8MP camera phone as well, but then that one is also touch-screen………….. :S


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