08 May

Dinner last night was pretty good. It doesn’t take much to know why she and I are such good friends – we share the same frequency. I can just tell her the situation and she knows what my reaction will be. Everytime I meet her, I just have to update her on what’s happening in the office. It cracks her up because we just cannot believe that such people exist.

I also bought $25 worth of bread from Provence – yes, that’s a hell lot of bread! The usual suspect is their cream wassant (much prefer that to the chocolate one), but I also tried the milk bun after reading reviews from HungryGoWhere.com. Indeed, it was very good – soft bread with creamy milk custard inside.

Y was saying that I’m getting obsessed with ZYJ when I told her I went to download a program that allows me to record music from Youtube videos. I think so too… but her voice is just really good and touches me. I don’t think one has to have a voice like Zhang Hui Mei to be considered a good singer. As long as the song is sufficiently expressed, and I can feel her feelings, that’s good enough for me. Or maybe I’m just not picky with my singers. Haha.


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