Oh man…


The transition period between my 2 job titles is starting to put some stress on me. I have to juggle both jobs now at the same time, and I often find myself forgetting this and that. Not good at all. And one of my customers is trying to play punk with me. Just hope to solve all the problems before I hand over. Oh, and also go on that gourmet feast trip with my brothers as well!

I haven’t got the time to slack around recently, don’t even have time to twitter updates. In fact, not much time to read Yahoo! News too.


I have been good with my money recently (haven’t been spending much) so decided to give myself a treat and bought some clothes from Mango yesterday – a pair of work pants & a silky dress.

Because I’m such a 宅女, colleagues and family often wondered what I do over the weekend, and if I actually even have friends! Hahaha… I remember a funny conversation:

telling Y where I went for dinner one night with a friend
Y: which friend?
Me: tell you for what? You know my friends meh?
Y: I think I’d have a rough idea. You only have that few friends you go out with – more or less the same people all the time.
Me: =.=” But quite true leh…

My sister even asked me last weekend why do I keep staying at home and not go out. Quite frankly, I really don’t know. She says my best friend is not Joyce or Christine, not even Y, but rather, it’s Fujitsu-san. That’s the brand of my laptop, by the way. Yes, I spend so much time with my laptop that it has become my best friend.

Then when I was playing my game, she said I’m quite like my 2nd cousin – to which I said “then go discuss about weird, quiet sisters who like to stay home with @nn. Both of you are the eldest in the family, I’m quite sure she’ll identify with you”! And I turned back to continue playing my game. I think she gave up on me after that.


My May order of masks is coming in soon, and in it, there’s my 张芸京 CD!!! Woo yeah! I’m still quite sad that CF gave me the wrong return date for ITGuy, and so ITGuy didn’t manage to help me buy the CD when he was in Taiwan earlier this month for a holiday.


One thought on “Oh man…

  1. kris says:

    yup… yr sis told me about how she ask you for yr esso card number and you gave her the car number!

    Yr lappy probably got a spell on you. hahhaa


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