IT-Guy just came back from Taiwan not long ago, and he passed me these 2 pieces of masks in the morning when he picked me up for work. I was pretty psyched to see the pink one – a new variant- that I kept talking about it, even went to CozyCot to check up on it during work. I’m going to use it later!! Cannot wait!

Picture 001

I just came back after work and sis told me there’s a package for me. Yippee! I ordered the 张芸京 CD with my recent order, so I was really excited. Ripped my parcel apart and boy was I happy as a lark… (actually, what’s a lark?? Where did the phrase come from?)

Picture 002

Picture 003

Still smiling until I saw this…

Picture 004

While I was glad that the CD was ok, I am one who likes to keep things in their original packaging and CD is one of those things which I MUST have the original cover… I think I’ll just stalk HMV a while longer and get another one when it arrives in SG.


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