I’m usually at home, what the Taiwanese call 宅女, so it was a rare occurrence for me to be out 3 nights last week.

I was out of office Wednesday and Thursday, having to attend a workshop for work in town. I decided to meet up with 2 of my UWA friends since I was in town. What was rarer was that we went karaoke-singing. Now I hardly go to such places because I don’t sing (I croak instead. Ha ha). I think the last time I stepped into a karaoke place was the first day of the Lunar New Year in 2006? Even that was a last minute decision and because we were really bored at home. It was fun though cos I haven’t met my friends for a long time and we could eat and sing and talk for only S$26! We sang lots of songs from English to Taiwanese, from the 1980s to the newest chart-toppers. We should really do it again!

Then on Friday, my colleague asked me whether I wanted to shop with her, so we decided to head down to Ion Orchard, where it all comes together. The place was huge but not that exciting. We initially wanted to have dinner at R Burger but the queue was horrendous, probably due to the hype the papers created. We settled for another burger joint called Freddie’s Burger. All the burgers here are named after Australian cities and had Aussie burger ingredients such as grilled pineapple. I had the Aussie burger which had a 1-inch thick beef patty, a fried egg, BBQ sauce and a slice of cheese. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. The beef patty was thick and juicy and meaty, unlike the bone-dry patties at Macca’s. My colleague had a turkey bacon and pineapple burger (I think it was called The Melbourne) and the pineapple really added another dimension to the burger.

On Saturday, I had coffee with my ‘favouritest’ girl. It was lots of catching up on baffling colleagues and crazy work schedules. It’s always nice to talk to her and to readjust my POVs (either that or to reaffirm POVs). Amongst all the friends I have, she’s always the one whom share the same views as me and make me feel sane.


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