How do you shop?

I usually get these shopping impulses, especially when I’m in a bad mood. (That’s why they call it retail therapy!!) But many a times, I regret my purchases shortly later and never used or wore my shopping. So these days, what I do is to online surf or window shop. I will then come back home to read up more about it (for cosmetics) or surf the website to see more details or to see if other brands have similar designs for a lower price. Most times, I find myself forgetting about it a few days later. It’s only when I keep thinking about the cute little bag or gorgeous top or that marshmallow-textured day moisturizer for days and weeks, then I’ll take the plunge and buy it.

What are your shopping habits?


2 thoughts on “How do you shop?

  1. Most of my shopping were carried out when I’m feeling anxious, sad, in need of a pick me up. Basically retail therapy as you called it. Nowadays, it’s slowed down, so thank goodness for that.

    I’m so with you; if I like something to the point where I can’t stop thinking about it, I know I have to get it. Unless it’s the Chanel 2.55 of course. I could be thinking that till kingdom come, I don’t see me getting it anytime soon 😛


    • p.sawyer says:

      Yes… it’s good when you hardly have shopping impulses these days… but do you also have these times of dry spells then go wild with shopping one fine day?

      I do, even though I wasn’t in a bad mood. It’s like, I haven’t been buying much lately then one fine day, I decide to reward myself.


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