what is wrong with my ear?

i’ve had an ear irritation since saturday. my inner ear has been itching and there’s nothing i can do to ease the itch. i don’t think it’s a buildup of ear wax because i’ve used so many cotton tips that my ear is feeling all raw, and the tips come out clean too.

then my throat started to itch as well, seems like the ear itch has spreaded to my throat. it was so irritating and unbearable that i almost wanted to rip my throat just to scratch it! my ear also started to hurt like there was a lot of pressure built up within.

by evening, after all my meetings, i finally headed down to the clinic and got ear drops from the doctor. just in time, because i was so desperate, irritated and frustrated that i was ready to kill. when i reached home, and my mum asked me to have dinner first before helping me put the medication into my ear, i cried. haha. i was THAT frustrated and uncomfortable.

the directions say to use the drops twice daily for 7 days. SEVEN days?!!! that’s super long… oh mannnnnnnnnn


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