just lazing around

i think i have a class gathering in an hour’s time but i’m still at home, unprepared and unmotivated to move. i’m not really psyched about going because i have this fear of my ex-classmates becoming insurance agents, financial advisors who are just all out to ask me to sign up a plan with them. i can’t use the same excuse as i used to (oh, i’m still a student. oh i’ve just started work and don’t have the spare cash. etc)

my fear is not unfounded because another friend from my secondary school days just mass-SMSed me last night. he’s now a financial advisor with a local bank. i’m surprised that he still has my number.

truth is, i’m just really lazy and anti-social. i much prefer staying at home and do all the things i’ve been wanting to do since the start of the week. i can’t be bothered to dress up and go all the way to town just to have a meal. i’m very comfortable in my tee and shorts and flipflops, thankyouverymuch.

next time, maybe. somewhere nearer to home.


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