There’s something fascinating about…

Cherry GarciaChoc MacadamiaDublin Mudslide I’ve been making homemade stuff lately (yogurt & bread) but I don’t think I’ll be making homemade ice cream anytime soon. Ben & Jerry’s are just too good.

Yogurt Maker It’s good to know that we’ll be saving money with homemade yogurt. Even if I’m making dairy yogurt and I can’t have them myself.

This wonderful product always makes me wonder why didn’t I discover her earlier. It covers and conceals my acne scars, my raging red pimples and makes me look like I have a glow from within. Which I do not have, I promise you.

39670364 I really like this pair of sandal wedges from Geox. Sadly, it has been sold out in my size islandwide. If someone from Geox is reading this, please let me know if you have a pair in Size 36 in your warehouse!

I usually go for the plain shortbread biscuit (aka Viennese Sandwich) but I can’t find a picture of that, so this will do. The buttery rich biscuit is very light and fragrant, while the chocolate sandwich filling is very smooth and not too sweet. It has been my favourite biscuit at M&S for years now.


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