Calm seasNot sure why, I woke up this morning feeling a litle emotional, feeling like I should do something to make a difference in my life.

Since I got my room back, I’ve been toying with the idea of shifting back in but I’ll need to spruce it up first. Perhaps pack the shelving, get a new study chair and some speakers for my laptop. I miss my (fake) leather study chair I got from IKEA from my days in Perth.

I have tons of work piled up, waiting for me to clear but I haven’t been able to do so. I always think that I shouldn’t work on weekends, but clearly that has to change, particularly if I have outstanding tasks. Talking about work, I feel very grateful and thankful for all the opportunities given to me by my 4 bosses (ex & current). I guess, without them, I probably wouldn’t have gone this far just 2 years after graduation. I have been truly lucky to stumble upon this job and this big family.

See, I told you… I woke up feeling emotional.


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