Don’t you wish for days like back then?

I just came back from a supposed-birthday dinner for my housemate and man, the entertainment was bad. Kenny always chooses shit for entertainment *cue The History Boys movie*

We talked and laughed and caught up with one another. We came to a conclusion: we all miss Perth and would definitely go back if we had the chance to. Which made me think, what is holding us back? I mean, we’re young and single. We should be able to drop everything and just go, if we want to. Perhaps dropping everything and leaving for good isn’t possible just yet. How about planning a trip back together? Maybe that’s possible.

Actually, I was reminiscing before I left the house earlier. Was reading E’An’s blog (that has long been abandoned since 2007) and also found the note she left me, wishing me good luck for my papers when I was doing my final sem. I still have that post-it. Gosh, those were some good memories.

Hope you had a great birthday, E’An. 🙂


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