Beauty supplies trip

I think my recent travel trips are all about beauty stuff. I didn’t buy much clothing in Hong Kong but I bought tons of Aquair hair treatments and 3M acne patches (they have different sizes in Hong Kong – for eg cheeks and forehead!).

In Taiwan, I also bought a lot of Aquair (leave on hair treatment creams), Ma Cherie hair treatment oils, masks (Dainty Designs and My Beauty Diary). One surprising find that I just saw at Kenting Watsons is a large piece of hydrocolloid wound dressing. Hydrocolloid is the material used in 3M acne patches and I have actually been trying to search for hydrocolloid sold in large pieces. I think such packing would be more economical and useful for my cheeks where most of my breakouts occur.

Besides beauty stuff, I also realise that Taiwan really has got good cup and bowl noodles! I especially like this brand of bowl noodles called Ah Q. Upon researching, I then know that Ah Q is owned by Uni-President… No wonder! I love Uni-President! They have extremely good instant noodles, and they also have other food stuffs such as caramel pudding and buns (sold at 7-11s in Taiwan).

Pictures to come later!


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