2010 Resolutions?

After procrastinating for like forever, I think I had better do something about myself. After all, it’s  a brand new year and I should probably do something while I’m still young and can afford the time and effort to do so.

  1. Get into shape! I should really make use of my gym/yoga membership and not pay for nothing every month. I should also eat healthily if not my tummy will suffer (as it already is). Target: exercise at least twice a week.
  2. Learn a new skill – I’ve been taking guitar lessons for close to 4 months now but sadly I haven’t been practising much so I’m still quite stiff on it. Really should dedicate a little bit more time to practising. Target: practise for at least 1 hour every week.
  3. Pick up a new language – since my colleague and I are a little crazy over K-pop right now, I might as well learn the language. My neighbours are Korean, so what better way to learn the language! She  charges $25 per hour (which isn’t really that cheap), but she’s just next door and I don’t have to spend extra time traveling! Target: to be able to understand at least simple phrases by year end (I want to bring my mum to Korea!)
  4. Save at least $5000 in 2010. – pretty self-explanatory. It’s always good to have some money for rainy days… that was how I was brought up.

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