Ng Kim Lee Confectionery

Ng Kim Lee Confectionery is a quaint little old-school bakery, a place that seems to be disappearing with time. Sis was delighted to see such a shop when we walked to dinner last night.

The traditional black and gold signboard and the decor of the shop… how nostalgic. But yet the owners are quick to keep pace with modern times, offering a mix of traditional and modern desserts. From tau sa piahs to cheesecakes, they have it all. We bought a couple of slices of cake (ok, more than a couple – we bought Italian cheesecake, 2 yam mousse cakes, carrot cake) and some muffins.

The yam mousse cake was good, being light and yet had a strong enough yam taste. It was quite like my favourite from Angie the Choice. The muffins were moist and soft, and tasted strong of what they were supposed to be – so far I had the strawberry and banana. The strawberry muffin had real strawberry jam within!

Ng Kim Lee Confectionery
4 Chun Tin Road


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