Sticker Labels

My cousin @nn sent me a link for sticker labels, originally meant for kids. You know how stuff always gets mixed up at day care, so sticker labels are pretty important to moms (I think dads are like the nonchalent type). So I forwarded the link to my colleagues who are young parents and glad they liked it!

Bright Star Kids offer very reasonable priced sticker labels of all shapes and sizes and for different purposes. In fact, they are not only for children as they also have sticker labels for kitchen. International post is only A$5 for most labels, very cheap if you’d ask me!

They are now having a fabulous offer – spend A$20 and above to receive 40 tiny labels free! I ordered a split label set to label my stationery at work and also for MadAboutSprees, and already qualify for the free tiny labels (meant for pencils/pens). It’s that easy and simple! The ordering process was also very easy – just choose the type of sticker you want, colour and icon logo, put in the text and you’re done once you pay!

Can’t wait to receive my stickers now!


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