like huh?

I just have to put it down in words. I’m really baffled by how some people can be so dense. I have this colleague whom I’m not really close to, because she hasn’t been with us for very long (and it takes me quite a while to bond with some). She’s like always wanting to eat our food. I’m ok with friends who want to try a bite of my food, especially if it looks good and tempting. But this colleague does it almost daily! It’s like we will tell her “hey this daily special looks good. You should order it” and she’ll be like “nah, I’ll stick to my usual”. Then after we sit down at the dining table, she’ll go “can I try some of that?” EVERY SINGLE MEAL. It’s super irritating.

And she’s always afraid of losing out and being left out. I mean sometimes I do chat about nothing in particular with other colleagues and she would rush over immediately and ask “what did I miss? What did I miss?” Sometimes I’m having a private chat with another colleague of mine, and she would do the same thing! Like c’mon!!!

Yesterday was almost the ultimate… my boss gave me a belated birthday present. I was busy so I just left it on the table, to my right. Shortly after, one of my colleagues came by and asked me out for lunch and just mentioned casually that my boss gave me a present. This particular colleague came up to my desk *again* and actually had the cheek to tell me “can I open your present”. I pretended to be busy and not hear her but she repeated her question to me again. So feeling very outraged but yet unwilling to show it, I gave an answer which I think shows my displeasure “oh… anything you wish” in an unhappy tone. SHE ACTUALLY WENT AHEAD TO OPEN MY PRESENT and still semi-squealing “I’m so curious and interested to know what boss gave you!”. Er… yea thanks. The boss gave the present to ME, so why are you so excited over MY present?! And it’s tres weird that she would even think of opening someone else’s present!

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