Anyone still uses Tupperware?

I think Tupperware is a really successful brand in Singapore, along with Pampers, Kotex and Darlie & Colgate. Why? Most of us use these brand terms interchangeably with the products themselves. Meaning, I can use the word Tupperware, when I’m actually referring to just disposable plastic containers used to store food. They need not be real Tupperwares, but the other party would know.

Or when a baby needs to change his diapers, people would more often than not go “did you bring the baby’s pampers?” even if they are using Mamy Poko or Huggies for the child. Great marketing and branding strategies!

Anyway, my point is, I used to have a lot of Tupperware (the real deal) at home when I was younger (ok, still do) as my aunt used to dabble in it. Just wondering if they are still around in SG now. I love them for their stackable designs and durability.

I need a water jug for work and was snooping around the TPW website… wow, I didn’t know they have so many other interesting things!

I’m all for using reusable containers to bring food to work (except for oily stuff and stuff with really strong smells as the container tend to trap the smells. Sorry!).

This is just what I need… I’m so in love with these. We have a ton of them at home in all different sizes and depths and they’re wonderful! I think we had ours for close to 8 years now, and still very good!

How cool are these?!!! Never have a decorated cupcake damaged again!

Can you tell I’m really obsessed with such storage solutions?


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