Sakae Sushi’s standards… so-so

I was really craving for sushi yesterday, so I had a dinner date with mum at Sakae Sushi. I know it’s not the best of standards, but it was ok for the price and general public. I was on their Facebook recently and saw that they now have $3.99 pink plates, many of which were stuff that I like, but they used to be $5.99 which I thought was exorbitant pricing. When the sushi arrived, I was a little disappointed because the sushi obviously was not fresh – the seaweed had gone limp and chewy. The spicy raw tuna was also room temperature.

Luckily, they had some other new dishes which were not too bad – like the butterfry (what a lame name, but it was essentially ebi fry topped with mentaiko) and kimchi ramen.

My all-time fav items from Sakae are…. *drumroll* Spicy kimchi beef kaminabe, hotate mentaiyaki, tempura (depends on my mood if I only want veges, prawns or mixture), california mini maki (ultimate love), sun maki, lobster salad gunkan… Man! Just listing down my favs make me want to go there for dinner tonight AGAIN!

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