Random post about my food

I think my favourite instant noodle has to be Shin, thanks to my lovely housemates who introduced me to this brand when we were staying  together. Not other types of Shin, it only has to be Spicy Mushroom. Only that. The kimchi one is ok, but not my favourite.

Anyway, I was watching SHINee Key on YouTube last night and he did a silly ending clip about teaching people how to cook ramyeon. Hah. So this morning, i went to the 7-11, paid $4.90 for 5 packets of Shin, bought a $0.25 onion from the local grocer and went back home to cook lunch. Surprisingly, the onion was sweet and soft and made the soup less spicy and more bearable/drinkable.

This might just be the new favourite way of cooking Shin for me now, but perhaps I’ll plan ahead and buy $3.45 Shin from FairPrice in future.

*PS: I also like to add a slice of cheese to my ramyeon sometimes – bastardized Korean-Western food… it sounds gross, but not really actually. The cheese melts upon contact with the hot soup and noodles and makes the soup creamy, quite like a tomato cream sauce for pasta.


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