Bananas and tofu

I’m having indigestion due to me swallowing food. I can’t chew properly since I went for a dental review yesterday, and so I can only swallow bite-sized pieces of food and now I’m feeling terribly uncomfortable. This brings me back to my initial stage of having braces on. I vomited my meal cos I had really bad indigestion.

Random #1: I bought a set of wireless keyboard & mouse today and so I’m no longer having typo errors! Certainly made me happy because I hate to backspace and edit my sentences!

Random #2: I still heart Kim Jonghyun deep deep! Uber cute and charming voice.

Random #3: Bonamana is my new favourite song! Choi Siwon is super charming in Oh! My Lady!

Ending off with Jonghyun’s present to his noona… LOL! Picture taken from sfinee


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