Hong Kong 2009 – Part III

Hong Kong is touted to be THE shopping and foodie paradise. We did shop and eat all day long. In my previous HK trip post, I posted that I bought my favourite hair conditioner (Shiseido Aquair hair treatment pack) and 3M Nexcare acne patches, and also some Lush products.

Besides those, I also bought Covermark make-up. I don’t know if it’s any cheaper in Hong Kong but I’m not usually rational when I’m on a holiday, so I gave in and bought a foundation & its sponge for myself, and an eye cream for mum. Mum is quite like me (better buy if I like it, or live to regret when we get home), so she added in a cleansing set which consists of a cleansing oil and a face cloth. For our purchase, we get a loose powder sachet sample, 2 powder wash sachet samples, 2 types of makeup base samples, and a Covermark watch. Hmm… where is that watch now??

I think I bought Covermark at this shopping centre called The Langham? Cannot really remember but it was this shopping centre that sold lots of branded stuff. I also got Lush from there. For Lush, you simply just follow your nose. The fragrance from the shop is so strong!

We also bought 4 shawls at Ladies Market and close to 10 reusable bags. The shawls were about S$5 each, quite good for the price since I’m always cold in the office. The seller said they are real pashmina, but we all know that’s not true.

The reusable bags were cheap cos mum bargained for them. I think they were S$1 each? I love reusable bags. Always have one in my daily bag and when I’m traveling. They’re so handy and convenient.

I took a random picture of Ladies Market, or was it the intersection of Ladies Market and some other market? Anyway, it was all in the vicinity.


You’d think that I will have lots of food pictures, but the weird thing is that no! I can’t find the pictures that I took in the first few days in Hong Kong… think they are in my other DSC.

Anyway, during our last day, or 2nd last day, in Hong Kong, we finally had dim sum. I think dim sum is so common in Singapore and we can get pretty good dim sum here, so it wasn’t on our ‘must-eat’ list when we were there.

Serenade restaurant
Address: Hong Kong Cultural Centre (1st floor), Restaurant Block, Salisbury Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon (walking distance from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR)
Contact number: 852/2722 0932
Operating hours: Daily 8am-4:30pm

Affordable dim sum with a good view.

Yung Kee restaurant
Address: 32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong (walking distance from Central MTR, near Lan Kwai Fong)
Contact number: (852) 2522 1624

Good roast meats and century eggs to bring home.

Kee Wah bakery
Address: check website for outlet addresses
Contact number: (852) 2522 1624

Good assortment of Hong Kong pastries and biscuits as gifts for friends and workmates.


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