Hong Kong 2009 – Part IV

I didn’t really miss the shopping and food in Hong Kong. Instead, I enjoyed sightseeing more than anything else. I love Ocean Park – it was ultimate fun!

I walked so much that the heel from my boots dropped off, rode in a cable car (am still scared of heights!), took a fun and scary ride (the one and only ride I took while in the park because I was too scaredy cat to take any other rides), visited the jellyfish museum, watched seals and dolphin shows and became friends with a hippo. While there, I also bought an useless hairband that had a snowman on top. Don’t ask me why I bought something like that – people are irrational when they go on holiday!!!

We went up escalators so high and steep that I couldn’t even see where we are going to. The park was so huge that we had to take a cable car down, or risk breaking our legs walking back the way we came up.

We also took a ride to see the whole of Ocean Park and man, it was HUGE! As if the place wasn’t big enough, they were still planning to extend the park.

The jellyfish museum was fun! It had many types of jellyfish, including one that I really liked!

We also watched a seal performance, and a dolphin show. The dolphin show, though enjoyable, was spoiled by tons of China tourists who were pushing and shoving their way. Irritating.

My new friend. I thought he looked cute.


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