Hong Kong 2009 – Part V

After Ocean Park, we realised that we were quite near The Peak and since it was only 5pm in the evening, we decided to go to The Peak. It was like a must-go place for me since I like windy and cold places, and also it was in TVB dramas so much that I had to go see this place for myself.

Before reaching there, I encountered a political procession and took a photo of it. We never have such things in Singapore, so it was an eye-opener for me.

We bought train passes that included Madame Tussards wax museum tickets so we didn’t have to queue so long for the tram tickets. And it was like everyone wanted to go up to The Peak. The queue for the tram was super long!! The tram ride up was interesting – I didn’t realise how steep it was until I looked out the window and realised that the building were all 30 degrees to my right. I didn’t take a picture as I was standing and didn’t dare let go for fear of falling.

I shall not go on about the wax museum, but instead just show you pictures. There’s a picture of Yao Ming and my dad and it shows the height difference. I kid you not, those wax figures look exactly like the real things and there were a few instances I got confused! But I think the wax artistes don’t do Asian people very well. The Western stars all looked real and convincing, but the Asian ones were like “이 사람이 누구야? ” especially Jay Chou!

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