Hong Kong 2009 – Part VI

On the day that we were supposed to go home, we were informed that our UA flight was overbooked and we had to go on a detour to Vietnam before taking the next flight out to home. So we thought, ok, especially since UA was going to compensate us US$200 each!

It was cool, as we got a free upgrade to business class. In case you have not taken UA economy before, it is crap. It’s just a notch higher than budget airlines in my opinion, having taken Tiger Airways for the first time for my recent trip to Macau. Anyway, business class on UA is almost like economy on SQ.

Vietnam is very very different from SG and I was mentally unprepared for the scene that awaited. At night, it was still alright – I was really sleepy and tired from the traveling and waiting. I just wanted to go to the hotel, take a warm shower and sleep. (But of course, I had to watch some of my TVB drama before I went to lala land! LOL). My parents woke me up in the morning and we headed off to the market nearby. Just crossing the road was a nightmare for me. Motorcycles just zipped past, front and back of me, without slowing down. Dad had to really hold my hand tight and pulled me along. I couldn’t raise my head to look at the traffic because if I did, my legs would turn to jelly and I couldn’t walk.

We spent a night in Vietnam and I couldn’t be any happier to see this familiar plane that’s going to bring me home… nothing beats home. Hmm… maybe with the exception of Perth. Heh.


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