Age is catching up with me

I am officially in my mid-twenties, but yet sometimes I feel like I’m 30-odd when I face people younger than me. For example, when I’m talking to the contestants of the contest I organized. Some of them were more mature than they seem to be, which I admire, but there were some who were not what I expected out of them.

#1: I was on Twitter today and found someone who is the sister of someone I know. The girl is not that young, perhaps 21 years old, and she had tons of anger in her. Either anger or she probably had some misconception that spewing vulgarities non-stop made her look cool. In front of her peers, maybe yes, but IMO it’s just wrong. Especially for a girl to do that, it just turns people off. Do guys really get turned on by vulgarity-spewing girls? I cannot understand and don’t think I ever will.

#2: my neighbour is also younger than me (19 y.o) and she keeps reminding me that I’m 25 this year and will need to get a boyfriend soon with marriage plans in mind. Er…. thanks for being concerned, but it’s not like suitable guys are aplenty and I can just catch one at the bus stop downstairs. I guess it doesn’t help that I don’t really like to socialize much. It may be surprising to some who know me for years because once you get to know me, you’ll probably think “yeah right… you don’t like to socialize… what a joke”. But I really don’t do well in front of strangers. Like I wouldn’t proactively go and meet people, work not included. Quite bad I know…

#3: i get tired easily and dark eye circles appear easily too… i can no longer stay up till 2, 3 am just to watch online streaming. it’s really a wonder how i manage to stay up late mugging for exams until the restaurant opposite our rented house opens for breakfast.

AHHHHHHHHHHH I really miss Perth.


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