My Korean colleague introduced me to this type of slimming pill with the ingredient CLA. So me being me, I had to do some internet research on it first and see what other brands offer it. Conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) is known for its body weight management properties, which include reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass. It especially helps in reducing tummy fat, so YAY!

Last night I read up on it again, and saw that GNC SG offers these pills, but at S$100 for 45 days supply. Ouch. Talk about being expensive! So I searched around somemore, and decided to order from US! I managed to find a good deal on Vitacost – 60 day supply for only US$28! Even after currency conversion and adding in Vpost shipping cost, it will only be around $60 for 2 months supply.

This is the one I got:


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