Family ties

I just came back from a wake and as usual, it made me sit up and think about family. I’m huge on family time. I think as I age, I realise that life is short and nothing beats family.

Each time I attend a wake, I tend to let my thoughts run wild a little and put myself in the position of my friend/relative and I would get really emotional. Like when my friend’s dad passed away suddenly 3 years back, I got really scared and forced my dad to get a full medical check. Even just thinking back for the sake of this entry makes me tear up almost immediately.

Today, it was grandma’s goddaughter’s mum. As I spoke briefly to my ‘cousins’, I could feel myself choking up. I tried to distract myself by drinking water and just staring into space and not think. I really dare not think.

Perhaps, a lot of my friends think that I’m spending too much time at home and with my family that I don’t have a social life. It’s true that I don’t have much of a social life, but there can never be too much time spent with family. Never.


One thought on “Family ties

  1. X'tine says:

    There’s a saying :
    Friends come and go.

    But a family goes and will never come back.

    there were still nights when i think of my dad, and cry uncontrollably. i miss him. and i do really miss him still.


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