iPod Touch casing

Since buying my iPod Touch, I’ve been on the lookout for a casing that protects the player and the screen. The silicone casing that I got free with the purchase of the player was a cheap one that didn’t help to protect much (my week old Touch had scratches on the back!! SAD) and it didn’t fit well when I tried to connect the cable without taking out the case. Most of the shops only sold iPhone casings and/or silicone Touch casings. I even contemplated ordering from US if I couldn’t find a satisfactory one locally! That’s how bad I want a good casing for my player. Well… if I’m going to spend close to $500 for a player, a few more tenners wouldn’t make much of a difference.

My previous Nano had a silicone casing from Sumajin and I loved it! It came with a wire wrap (which sadly has gone missing now) and it served its purpose well. My Nano is close to 4 years old now and the casing is still in good condition, albeit a little yellow (I got the clear silicone one which turned yellow with age). So I went back to Sumajin after failing to find my desired casing in Apple stores and Apple online store, and lo and behold, they had just what I need, with an affordable price tag too!! Only thing was that it was difficult to find – I had to go all the way to Takashimaya just to buy the casing.

My iPod Touch nestled in its new home. Shocking lime green, I like! It comes in 10 different colours, and I’d have liked a red one but the store only had green, blue and pink when I was there. The exterior is black leather (definitely fake!) which is soft to the touch and comes with a Velcro fastener. The design was slim and handy, and the Touch fitted in snuggly. It also came with a belt clip at the back, which can add bulk and is seemed as uncle-ish but that’s alright. Price is $24.70 – very reasonable!


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